Health Managment Tools

Your health is important to you and we want to provide self-management tools to help support you in staying healthy, mentally and physically.

Body mass index (BMI) should be measured every two years 

When BMI is outside of the normal weight range, health risks may increase.  
Awareness of this measure can help you make changes that promote a healthier lifestyle. 

Help with Healthy Eating

Eating right means enjoying balanced meals made with fresh, healthy ingredients.
It also means getting plenty of water and not eating too much processed food or taking in too many calories.
Use our interactive Healthy Eating tool to plan better by assessing the number of calories present in the different foods you eat.

Exercise for a Healthier Lifestyle!

Use our Physical Activity Tool to help you figure out the things that keep you from exercising and get information about how to increase exercise and improve your health. 

Smoking and Tobacco

Tobacco is responsible for 20% of all deaths in the U.S., use of the substance presents obvious health concerns. 
Quitting can improve your health. 

Use our Smoking and Tobacco tool to find out how much you depend on tobacco.

Stress Management

Our Stress Management Tool can help you assess the level of stress in your life in the last month.

Think you may have a drinking problem? 

You can use our Alcohol Use tool to get a better gauge.

Feeling blue? 

Our Depressive Symptoms tool 
can help you figure out whether you should talk to a professional about it.