Networks We Manage

Behavioral Health Professionals, Inc. (BHPI) was formed to provide behavioral health services on a capitated basis through a network of community-based mental health organizations. We have been in operation since 2002.

We currently manage operations for two provider networks-Carelink Network and Consumerlink Network and offer to these organizations:

  • Increased management specialization and efficiency
  • A dedicated quality assurance program for monitoring care provided by our providers 
  • An enhanced utilization management and review program to ensure the provision of medically necessary and appropriate treatment and prevent inappropriate or excessive treatment
  • Skilled member services and provider relations professionals to guide and assist both consumers and providers
CareLink Network: Provides services for children and adults with mental illness. CareLink offers resources for: recovery, independent living, supported housing and employment, youth moving from school to work and children and their families. CareLink is also there to help in cases of emergency or in a crisis.

ConsumerLink Network: Provides services for children and adults with developmental disabilities. ConsumerLink offers solutions: for parents with children with Autism, Respite care services when parents and caregivers need a break and help with the transition from school to work.