Healthcare Integration

BHPI is making integrated healthcare a reality. Through our unique approach, we have developed several different areas of focus for our healthcare integration intitative.

Healthcare Engagement Teams

We create Healthcare Engagement Teams that pull together our staff, behavioral health providers, health plan staff, and physician’s office staff to “surround” patients with care. At the outset, we’re focusing on members with extremely high emergency room utilization, those with chronic care issues, and those that have no primary care physician visit history.

Primary Care Visits & Vitals Collection

Our primary care visits and vitals collection initiatives focus on connecting members with primary care providers, ensuring members have annual blood pressure tests to identify the risk of hypertension, and making them aware of the tools available to aid them with smoking cessation.

ADT Monitoring

Organizations can experience many benefits from successful Admission/Discharge/Transfer (ADT) notification monitoring. ADT messages are beneficial to organizations because they allow care team members and providers to be better informed about members’ hospital activities.

Members in our networks have a behavioral health home. We work with behavioral health providers to routinely contact members’ primary care physicians when an admission or discharge notice for one of their patients is received. The purpose of the contact is to determine if there is value in the behavioral health provider participating in the discharge and/or after-care planning for the member. We have developed an incentive payment plan that rewards providers that attain specific levels of compliance with the practice.

Care Coordination Through Referrals

Through our strategic partnership with Great Lakes Health Connect (GLHC), BHPI is working to facilitate improved care coordination between health systems, hospitals, physicians, payers, and behavioral health providers. The ultimate goal is to improve communication between care providers and efficiently facilitate the sharing of important health information about common members. Health Information Technology (HIT) provides better care of patients through the exchange of key health information a reality. GLHC names among its key advantages the power to connect primary care physicians and behavioral health care professionals across the state. The GLHC Referrals Application allows health systems, hospitals, physicians, payers, and behavioral health providers to place and receive referrals throughout Michigan.