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What are the Benefits of Joining CAQH Proview?

In the coming months, BHPI will request that providers and practitioners register with CAQH ProView as part of our credentialing process. There is no reason not to get a jump on the process, registration is free!

Why register with CAQH ProView today?

CAQH ProView is the premier credentialing tool. Trusted by 1.3 million healthcare providers, it’s an online provider data-collection solution used for capturing and sharing self-reported professional and practice information. It enables physicians and healthcare providers to enter information into a secure central database and authorize health plans and other healthcare organizations to access the information.

CAQH ProView streamlines data collection by using a broad, standard electronic form that meets the needs of nearly every health plan, hospital, and other healthcare organization.

And best of all – this amazing resource is free for you, as a provider.

That’s right! There’s no cost for physicians and other health care providers to use CAQH ProView to create an accurate, comprehensive profile. Health plans and other healthcare organizations using CAQH ProView pay administrative fees and an annual fee per provider to access the database.

Some benefits of registering:

  • Increase your visibility
  • Streamline the credentialing process
  • Assure the accuracy of information about your practice online and in directories
  • Demonstrate that your business is proactive and well-organized
  • Eliminate hours of administrative frustration by maintaining one secure electronic profile
  • Speed up claims adjudication and simplifies other business processes

Some participating organizations:

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Ready to get started?

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