Provider Resources


Does BHPI have a medical person on staff?

BHPI employs a number of licensed clinicians and health care professionals. Our Medical Director is a contracted position rather than an employed position.

Will providers be made aware of any restrictions prior to beginning the credentialing process?

At this point there are no restrictions that would need to be identified prior to a provider undergoing the credentialing process.

Will BHPI use CAQH during the credentialing process?

We are investigating the possibility at this time.

Will graduating students with their Master’s Degree and their temporary license be able to treat and bill patients through the Health Plans?

All individuals that meet the requirements identified within the description of appropriate service level providers within the CPT codes will be eligible.

How can the professionals help BHPI develop the network, other than being a provider?

As we move forward, we anticipate the creation of a Provider Advisory Board. This board will allow providers the opportunity to participate in the development of products and services to be offered. We believe there will be opportunities for providers to be advocates in discussion with peers, patients, and prospective purchasing groups.

What is the process time line until start date?

We are aggressively marketing our network to Health Plans operating in the area. We know there is an expanded need since the pilot project for Wayne County Dually Eligible (Medicare and Medicaid) Population became active in July 2014.

What is the fee schedule and will it be tiered?

The fee schedule will be based upon the product design. Different benefit program types may have differing fee schedules.

Will there be an authorization process?

Some services will require pre-authorization.

What if I don’t take Medicaid or Medicare?

Participation with Medicare and/or Medicaid is not a requirement to become a provider; however, non-participants may experience less opportunity for patient referrals.

Can I be a provider in other networks and still be a provider with BHPI?

Certainly, we encourage providers to participate with other organizations in order to maintain a complete practice schedule.

Will each practitioners areas of specialization be noted?


Will the providers get paid for psychological testing (ADHD and Anxiety Test)?

Yes, assuming it is a covered benefit under the patient’s benefit plan.

Can a provider choose to use a sliding scale?

Providers are always able to utilize whatever fee structure they deem appropriate for their practice. The reimbursement rates will be fixed and some programs may preclude “balance billing” above the stated co-payment level.