Provider Resources

BHPI’s Provider Network

Why join BHPI’s provider network?

The focus on the previously uninsured, major innovations in funding and coordination of care means there has never been a better moment for traditional providers of behavioral health to chart their own future success. With the advent of the Accountable Care Organization (ACO) business model, now is the time for behavioral health practitioners and providers to increase business opportunities. Business models that have shown significant savings (cost effective and quality care), will be chosen. BHPI finds solutions through collaboration and partnership and meets the need and demands of the communities we serve. Today, BHPI offers services through a fully integrated network of healthcare providers that:

  • Offers outstanding member and provider service
  • Is flexible and meets the individual and unique needs of members, providers and partners
  • Ensures quality is the focus of everything we do
  • Focuses on innovation, improving outcomes and increasing efficiency in the changing healthcare environment
  • Has a proven record of building and maintaining Behavioral Health Networks that surpasses the others

How to join our network

Clinicians who join our network are able to choose the panels with which they would like to participate (EAP, PPO, HMO, etc.) and our panels include an array of facility-based programs to offer intensive levels of service to all BHPI members. We believe our clinicians and our hospitals are the keys to our success and we work to assure that we are key to theirs through our mutually beneficial partnership. If you are a Masters Degree or above licensed mental health professional, Counselor, Social Worker, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Therapist, Nurse, or other clinician with a National Provider Identifier(NPI) please consider joining the BHPI Network and signing a Letter of Intent and completing the Application Form.